You know the type of people that are the epitome of happiness and positive energy? The ones who nail their photo session every single time? The family that you get super excited about the moment you set their session date? 

That family is the MacLeods.

We met Stephanie and Brian in December 2012 for a snowy maternity session in downtown Portland. The Christmas lights were up, the tree in Monument Square was decorated, and snow began to fall that afternoon before their session. In short, it couldn't have been more perfect. And when first-time clients give you photos like this, you can only hope that you can continue a lasting relationship with them.

Stephanie and Brian welcomed Isla not long after their session and were able to do a 1-month with the newest addition to their family. it was quite clear early on that Isla was most definitely her parents' child. Isla was comfortable and just about perfect in front of a camera at her first session.

Then fall came around and Isla continued to wow us with her calm and flexible nature during the session. No tears from this little girl.

And before we knew it, Isla was one-year old! We did her session in her sunroom/playroom. Could it be any more perfect?!

Isla was easy to please the entire session. She read books, sat in her chair, hung out in her new tent, and showed off her walking skills. We're quickly learning that home sessions make everyone more at ease. The space is familiar for the child and the comforts of home are always nearby. Isla was more than comfortable showing us her newborn photo from one LONG year ago.

With plenty of sunlight and a fresh coat of snow outside, light was abundant, giving us lots of flexibility to capture Isla wherever she lead us to next. Stephanie and Brian have one super cute, awesome little girl. Just take a look at the rest of her photos. We already can't wait for our next session with beautiful Isla!