Birth Story | Grayson

Documenting a birth is incredibly special, beautiful, and at times heart-wrenching. Especially when it's your best friend giving birth to her first child. Not only was this Lindsey's first time photographing a birth, it was her first time witnessing a birth EVER.

Sarah and her husband, Chris live in Albany, New York, so when Lindsey got the call that Sarah had gone into labor around 9:00 PM, she finished packing her half-packed duffel bag and began the 5-hour drive to New York from Portland, Maine.

Sarah was sent home from the hospital that night and told to come back when she was further along. Well, that didn't take long and we were all there the next morning along with her mom, Michelle. None of us had slept much, but it mattered the most for Sarah who was the one doing the hardest and most important work that day - delivering a healthy baby boy into this world.

And after hours of labor, Grayson Louis Ward was born on Mother's Day 2016. What could be a more rewarding and fulfilling Mother's Day than that?